Mothers day is around the corner and every one is celebrating mothers day, its true that every day is mothers day and we are nothing with out love and support of our mothers, mothers are the one big supporters in our lives they support us in every difficulty in every problem or even when we are in pain we tend to miss our moms, and when we are happy we are tend to miss our mothers to share happiness and joy with them.
When we were little we all know that how difficult motherhood is when she used to stay up all night just to make sure that little kid is sleeping well, undoubtedly mothers have done so much for us in their whole life, on Mothers  day let’s #GiveBack all the memories all the love support to her because she needs it most.

TCS Sentiments doing this amazing campaign on their Facebook page and that is about giving back and a competition where we need to recreate all the memories and share with TCS Sentiments on their wall, Yes as expressions of getting first gift from your mom or first ever surprise from your mom, they are announcing winners on every day,
Along with that there are so many discount offers going on TCS Sentiments website,
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Want to make your MOM feel special on this Mother’s Day? So Recreate that Expression & share with us. To Participate in the competition, follow these simple steps and be one of our lucky winners to do free shopping on Sentiments Express.

Step1: Recreate your expression when you got your favorite gift from your Mom. Your face expressions should tell about your feelings.
Step 2: Take a picture of that expression.
Step 3: Share it on our wall.
Winners will be announced daily. Share your entries till 12th of May. Also, avail upto 20% OFF with Jazz Cash.

YES Amazing offer by TCS sentiments, and a great concept and idea of giving back all the memories and efforts to your mother.

Take Care of your mothers and a VERY happy Mothers Day to you all.