AIESEC is the largest youth run organization that provides young people with a platform to explore their leadership capabilities and develop cross-cultural exchange experiences all around the world mainly focusing on the empowerment of youth which will contribute towards making a positive impact on society. In addition to providing over 86,000 member positions and delivering over 500 conferences every year, AIESEC’s core products includes exchange program that enables over 20,000 students and recent graduates to be provided with the opportunity to live and work abroad in one of the 126 different countries. AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience which is inclusive of offering leadership opportunities, international internships and a chance to participate in a global learning environment.

International exposure not only allows people to adopt a wider understanding of diversity and multiculturalism but also broadens our perspective about alternative lifestyles as well as enhances our bearing in todays interconnected world.  Working towards diversified development, AIESEC in Islamabad is hosting its first ever Global Exchange Conference in the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) on December the 24th. With 100-150 attendees, previous, current, as well as potential exchange participants will acquire a chance to attend this conference and interact with other global participants on a personal level. The host entity had the privilege to successfully execute 100+ student exchanges to 128 different countries, which in AIESEC terms means that 100+ change agents were created with an aim to strive towards a sustainable future. This Global Exchange Conference will focus on reflecting upon the experiences of these individuals as they share their stories with the audience, and in turn inspire others to make their contributions by going abroad on exchange. This event will not only introduce an appreciation towards cross cultural exposure instilled within our exchange participants but also give the audience a chance to interact with the change agents and re-integrate leadership experiences on a one-on-one basis. This conference will also be concerned with AIESEC’s 2020 vision which is focused around the current needs of the world, to further escalate their reach amongst the youth of today and extend positive impact within communities across the world.

AIESEC, standing loyal to its cross cultural advancement by encouraging international exposure, is partnered with the United Nations with hopes to develop every young individual to participate in the implementation of the Global Goals for Sustainable future.  AIESEC’s volunteering opportunities around the globe have inspired thousands of students to pursue pro-social causes in their upcoming lives and careers. AIESEC aims to engage and develop the youth to become better leaders, a breakthrough towards their mission and vision of Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential.

This is what some of our Exchange Participants had to say:

“Why waste food” helped me in connecting with individuals who shared concerns regarding issues that affect the global population. The most important thing I learned here: when individuals put their heads together, they come up with better solutions.” – Aisha Ali ( Malaysia)

“AIESEC was one of the best thing which has happened in my life. I totally loved the experience, learned a lot. Way more than what I had earlier expected. Not only Turkey was beautiful but the diversified culture and the people I met were just amazing. Long story short, I’ll always wish to re live the moments, none of them which I’ll ever be able to forget. Thank you AIESEC ISLAMABAD.” – Afnan Mir (Turkey)

“This summer I got a chance to spend my holidays in Bahrain. I chose Bahrain because, in addition to being truly exotic, it’s a culturally diverse country. Coming from Islamabad, the weather of Bahrain took me by surprise. This internship has made me feel like I have been to 10 different counties in just a span of one month as there were so many nationalities in my batch and everyone had a different story to tell. If it hadn’t been for AIESEC, I wouldn’t have enjoyed my one month stay in Bahrain as much as I did.” – Rida Maqbool (Bahrain)