Here is a big news for all the style conscious ladies, mommies and and yes of-course guys, Yes this post is not only for girls! 😀 We have big story to share with all of you  that there is SALE on entire stock of outfitters, OMG yes you heard it right its upto 50% on entire stock of Outfitters and that is definitely a call for shopping.

When on a boring sunday afternoon after scrolling  my facebook newsfeed for like hundred times, This  exciting news pop up on my screen and took my attention one of my friend actually shared ouftitters facebook page’s picture which shows there is 50% sale  at the outfitters on their entire stock, wow that was big.

Since I wanted to get something for my nephews, my little one just turned five and his birthday present was still on me and as being student means you are always broke and you can’t buy gifts in regular prices.

So I went to outfitters nearest outlet as we always end up there because thats how much we love  shopping from outfitters.

It was huge offer to avail there were a lot of options of buying some good pair of jeans for my little one along with a t-shirt so he can wear and love his phuopo even more.

I got his pair of jeans from outfitters sale only in 1180 as it was 1690 and two shirts in even more less price thats how i got his fav clothes and made him all happy!

Just to add in more not all the phupos are evil we love our nephews nieces even more. 

So what are you waiting for? This is the right time to rush into nearest store of outfitters you can get everything you want on reasonable price range, YES avail offer and enjoyy! 

You can also visit outfitters website and facbook page for more information:

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