People says this that never let go of your dream or some says don’t dream your life live your dream or if you can dream it you can do it.

I had this long lasting dream inside, a dream that keep growing inside me a dream of breathing loudly and peacfuly, a dream of never being degraded again in my life a dream of chasing stars a dream of watching sunsets and a dream of chasing lights a dream of going so far in dark night that no one can see me so i can have my own thoughts my own words to put on, I never knew that i have to pay for all these dreams.

I never knew when you chase something you get lost in it and there is no way behind this. 

I never knew that dreams sometimes can actually have all part of you for struggling and this is a long lasting struggle. 

Long lasting struggle of breathing in an open air feeling your own thoughts living your own thoughts, yeah its a long lasting struggle.

I kept telling everyone that was my biggest dream, I wanted to do this all my life and here i ended up doing this in real, I wanted to breath, i wanted to catch happiness, i wanted to have all the opportunities in the world, and i got them. 

But, I never knew its a struggle a battle inside of me, I never knew this is long lasting fight a fight that i need to do till the end of my life because there is no way back when you dream there is no way back. 

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